My standard charging rate is £118/hr which applies to all aspects of work. I can provide free pick-up and delivery of files.

Below is a summary of the areas in respect of which I can provide assistance:-

Costs budgeting

I am regularly involved in the preparation of costs budgets for clients. I am also able to and have been in attendance at Costs Management Conferences to assist in explaining and justifying the budget. Detail is crucial in being able to explain to the judge just how the various headings in the Precedent H have been estimated and the figures arrived at. I do this by preparing breakdowns of the work to be done. I can and do approach Counsel and experts on behalf of clients for estimates of fees providing guidance where necessary as to the detail required and the need to break costs down between the various headings. By working closely with my clients we have found a way to ensure that any duplication is kept to a minimum and that the recoverable costs of dealing with the budget are not exceeded.

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Provisional Assessments

With the introduction nationwide of provisional (paper) assessments for all bills of costs up to the inclusive sum of £75,000, the need for an experienced Costs Lawyer is crucial. In the absence of the ability to address the Judge in person, the drafting of persuasive and succinct points of dispute or replies is crucial. I believe my vast experience in drafting legal documents and my extensive background in law can prove to be the difference between success and failure in this process. I also provide a detailed advice in all cases on the issues arising, their potential impact at provisional assessment and appropriate parameters for negotiations.

Detailed Assessments

As with provisional assessments, my extensive background in the law and in attending detailed assessments over the last 23 years ensures that my clients have an experienced advocate who is not only well versed in the detail of the costs rules but understands the legal issues of each case. This is imperative at any detailed assessment in justifying or objecting to costs. I have a wealth of experience in dealing with cases at all levels and in particular high value matters. In addition to advocacy I also prepare Points of Dispute or Replies together with a detailed advice in all cases on the issues arising, their potential impact at detailed assessment and appropriate parameters for negotiations.

Summary Assessments

The aim of the Jackson Reforms is to make summary assessments a more common feature in litigation. The time a Judge will spend dealing with summary assessments is limited and this makes it crucial to be well prepared to justify or object to costs claimed, both succinctly and effectively. This also makes the detail of the schedule for summary assessment of the greatest importance. I regularly deal with the preparation of statements of costs and actively assist and advise in respect of recoveries and in objecting to other parties costs that are claimed.

Conducting Costs Litigation for Clients

As an accredited Costs Lawyer, I have full rights of audience and can go on the record as acting in costs proceedings relating to CPR 44-47 and 52. Insurers in particular have found this useful and I have in a number of cases formally gone on the record for the client. This allows me to deal with all aspects of the costs litigation, including the preparation and issuing of applications, including Part 8 Proceedings.

Publicly Funded Work/Care Cases

I assist a number of clients with claims for costs arising out of the Fixed Fee Regime for care cases and the new FAS Scheme. For some clients I deal with this under a delegated authority, which allows me to deal with the claim from commencement to conclusion. My clients have found my input crucial as the rules are quite complex and they have found the LAA are returning numerous claims for costs for what are often minor errors made by them and their being fully aware that the number of returns can affect the status of the Solicitor's contract with the LAA. My knowledge of the rules and the explanations I provide in any bill to be sent to the LAA ensures the costs are assessed and the client paid without delay.

General and Technical Advice

I actively encourage clients to contact me to discuss any costs issue or to deal with any query they might have relating to costs generally. This could be a basic query in respect of the applicability of a particular rule or specific advice on the wording of a Costs Order.